Square D NT08N1 Circuit Breaker S164N Micrologic 6.0P LSIG

by Schneider Electric / Square D

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Square D NT08N1 Circuit Breaker
Masterpact NT08N1
Catalog Number TA2AAR64A3SXFXXXXA , (See Breakdown Below)
800 Amp
3 Pole
240 / 480 / 600V Rated
Manually Operated
Breakers Currently Have The Following Accessory
MX/XF Schneider Electric / Square D S33661 Shunt Trip- 110/130 Volt AC/125 Volt DC
NAS can add any control voltage and motor accessory required

Masterpact NT Cradle/Chassis Available
Catalog Number CTAAHH3AXBABXXXFXXW (NASPG26398 and others)
800 amp max

Micrologic 6.0P Trip Unit
Cat: S164N
800 Amp Rating Plug
LSIG Functions
Schneider Part 33593

Modbus Communications

Each used NT08N1 Circuit Breaker will be Cleaned, Tested with Report and Backed by Our 1 Year Warranty.

Meggered, Ductored and Tested on Our High Current Primary Injection Test Set.

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T- 3 Pole
A- Square D
2- 42kA
A- 800 amp
A- 800 amp Max
R- Drawout Breaker
6- Micrologic 6.0P
A- UL Plug "A"
3- Modbus
S- No PCM: Pipeline Current Mapper PCM
X- No Motor (However it can be added inquire within)
F- 100-130vAC/DC Shunt Trip (Or whatever voltage coil is required) MX/XF S33661
X- No Close Coil (However it can be added inquire within)
X- No Electrical Reset (However it can be added inquire within)
X- No Instantaeous UV/ Adjustable Time Delay / Fixed Time-Delayed UV / 2nd Shunt Trip
X- No Ready to Close / Low Level Ready To Close  Padlockable Push Button Cover / Mechanical Op Counter
A- Padlock

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